Charming Basin Faucet

Bathroom is a comfortable space which could wash away the fatigue of daytime and make people relax, with simple and graceful bathroom faucet, it not only makes the entire bathroom fill with carefree atmosphere, but also brings users silence and visual feast. The oval shape with raised cambered surface is the major design of Charming Plus Basin Faucet; it's just like the elaborate and shiny jewel and spreads graceful atmosphere for space.

Basin Faucets not only decrease the interstice between lever and body by unique inner structure, also integrates escutcheon with body in unity-shaping. This creative design makes Charming Plus Basin Faucet exclude unnecessary lines for cleaning conveniently; design of lever can be operated more easily, especially for children and the elders.

There are several coatings could be chosen to fit for clients' requirements, and the product could also be combined with wood grain printing handle for increasing the multiplicity of design.