Bath/Shower Mixer

The simple tube-form design, brings out the modern beauty of linear shape. This seies combines the refined surface, mutiple functions, and humanization operating design as a perfect elegant demonstration of modern bath euipment. In the meanwhile, it inherits the durability and the convenient from the previous product generation, making a comfortable bathing space for customers.

Color: Black Handle

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7765-94-82P1 Overview

7765-94-82P1 Specification

7765-94-82P1 Installation

1.Brass of casting body meets ISO CuZn40Pb standard.
2.Handle material meets JIS 3771 Standard.
3.Ceramic valve with CERAMTEC ceramic disc/(Germany).
4.Finish meets the standard of ASTM-SC2.
5.The available distance between two centers of wall water-outlet is 122mm to 178mm.
6.Elastic shower hose can be extended from 1.5 meter to 2 meter and stand 15Kg/cm2 water pressure.
7.There is an extra fixed Wall Bracket for using convenienly.
8.Coordinates with other products in Pan I collection.

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