Towel Bar (600mm)(Black Coating)

In the East, dragon represents honor and has auspicious meaning. Dragon Bathroom Accessories are made with Dragon inspired details. Dragon Accessories creates unique bathing spaces. The product's appearance was encouraged to follow the idea of "the Form Follows Function". The Accessories'  concise shapes provide stability for users.

Color: Matt black

  • Towel Bar (600mm)
  • Towel Bar (600mm)(Black Coating)


6904-10-80MA Overview

6904-10-80MA Specification

6904-10-80MA Installation

6904-10-80MA Exploded View

1.Aluminium body meets 6061T6 standard.
2.Premium metal construction for durability.
3.Justime finishes resist corrosion and tarnish.
4.Vertical force could support a static load of 4 Kgf.
5.The length of towel bar: 600mm.
6.The one-piece design could prevent the filth from accumulating and help easy cleaning as a result.
7.Wide towel bar design allows better ventilation when the towel is hung on.
8.Coordinates with other products in Dragon collection.

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6904-10-80MA SketchUp

  6904-10-80MA CAD