Three-Handle Valve (Showerhead/OFF/Bathtub)

Designed main body style as square shape, the aesthetics of symmetry exudes a stylish and charming atmosphere. With R angle processed, it soften the right angle of hard steel, and bring more soft and elegant atmosphere to a bathroom space.

Color: Polished Chrome

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7909-Z2-81CP Overview

7909-Z2-81CP Specification

7909-Z2-81CP Installation

1.Casting valve body material meets ISO CuZn40Pb standard.
2.Forging handle material meets JIS 3771 Standard.
3.The body of valve should be buried in the wall beforehand with 1"(2.5cm) adjusting tolerance in depth.
4.Chrome plated finish has met the ASTM-SC2 standard.
5.The connecting thread of main body is G 1/2.

Authorization Code

7909-Z2-81CP SketchUp