The special design concept is from the letter "Y" and combines with the practical function. Unique style is the product characteristic. Push valve can control the water volume and improve the convenient operation. The simple style decorates the environment to be more beautiful and comfortable, which is suitable for sanitary or outdoor spaces. 

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Sprayer



6875-9Q-80CP Overview

6875-9Q-80CP Specification

6875-9Q-80CP Installation

6875-9Q-80CP Exploded View

1.Sprayer main body is made of brass forging process, meets the standard of JIS 3771. 
2.Push valve can control the water volume.
3.Chrome plated finish meets the standard of ASTM-SC2.
4.Justime finishes resist corrosion and tarnish.
5.The sprayer can bear the pressure from 0.1 to 5 kg/cm^2.
6.Coordinates with other products in 6875 collection.

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6875-9Q-80CP SketchUp

  6875-9Q-80CP CAD