Tumble Holder and Soap Dish

Glass material goes well with chrome plated holders, reduce metallics of interior design while maintaining its structure reliability. Combining tumble holder with soap dish holder as one multifunctional bracket, it makes a perfect use of limited bathing space, providing enovironmental aesthetics. The soap dish with special inner surface would prevent soaps from slipping out or sticking on the dish.

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Tumble Holder and Soap Dish


6865-23-80CP Overview

6865-23-80CP Specification

6865-23-80CP Installation

1.Transparent glass tumbler.
2.A tumbler has a capacity of 180ml.
3.Transparent glass soap dish.
4.Brass meets JIS 3604 standard.
5.Premium metal construction for durability.
6.Justime finishes resist corrosion and tarnish.
7.Finish meets the standard of ASTM-SC2.
8.Correctly installed product's loading is 2 kgf.
9.Coordinates with other products in Sofia Collection.

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