Hidd Al Saadiyat

Luxury and tranquillity on a private estate, set in an area of extraordinary natural beauty, just minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi.

Hidd: an arab maritime term used by local sea-farers referring to a body of land that stretches out into open water.

Hidd Al Saadiyat is a complete community. And as the community grows, so the lifestyle it offers its residents becomes ever richer and more varied.

At the heart of Hidd Al Saadiyat, all that families need to make the most of their leisure time. From the start, the experience is enhanced by parks, playgrounds, everyday retail and – of course – the stunning beaches.

Hidd Al Saadiyat is the project in UAE, and they have selected JUSTIME accessories for this case.

JUSTIME is the only Asian brand of sanitary category in this project.