Water Drinking Faucet (Lead-Free Brass)(Cold Only)

JUSTIME Design Team designed the pithy appearance with simple lines to integrate the practical and elegant style into design. Capsule Water Drinking Faucet could fit for the modern kitchen arrangement- small and saving space. Capsule Water Drinking Faucet is also the best choice for users who have requirements of water drinking systems and emphasize the safety of drinking.

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Water Drinking Faucet (Lead-Free Brass)(Cold Only)
  • Water Drinking Faucet (Antimicrobial Copper)(Cold Only)


6808-G0-80CP Overview

6808-G0-80CP Specification

6808-G0-80CP Installation

1.Material of main body is lead-free brass for drinking safely. The drinking faucet possess the character of acid-resisting, heat-resistant and erode-resisting. The surface is without the chemical painting to protect the users from harm.
2.The cartridge structure is different from the traditional brass cartridge, rubber cartridge and ceramic cartridge. It has been designed with the stainless steel central structure and passed up to 500,000 switches test.
3.Fitting for all kind of R/O reverse osmosis water drinking systems.

Authorization Code

6808-G0-80CP SketchUp

  6808-G0-80CP CAD