Casa Ostia



Located in Kenting Sea Reserve, the detached homestay is an area rarely known by tourists, but it is a secret sea area loved by many divers! The architectural appearance of the Taiwanese bungalows has been modified to create with simple color and wood elements for creating a characteristic homestay belonging to the southern border. Designer selected JUSTIME two signature series: Story shower set & Ether bathtub faucet


The Ether series bathroom accessories use a floating design concept to create a visual relaxation and soft touch. The streamlined extension perfectly presents the product's functionality and artwork-like appearance. The fusion of design and art eliminates the cold feeling brought by metal materials, while retaining the metal's exquisiteness and durability.


This classic design only retains the image of faucet, but also combines contemporary and fashionable elements. It is based on an addictive ball shape as the main body and handle. It also uses the combination of ceramic and copper materials to overturn the rigidity of the faucet and create another soft impression. The shape of the rainshower is made of clouds, and the unique eye-catching shape is even more addictive, and its water effect provides comfortable shower enjoyment.