Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucet

Though the shape of faucet has innovated these days, the original impression of faucet still remains on the traditional long wall-mounted faucet. For a long time, the image of the long wall-mounted faucet exists deeply in our memories. The design team of the 6903 Story Faucet would like to trace back to the beginning and try to find out the original beauty. That is the reason "Story Faucet" being created. 
This classic design not only reserves the figure of the primary long wall-mounted faucet, but also integrates the contemporary and fashionable element - the round model of the body and the handle with brass and ceramic material, which impress users so much to take their eyes on it. 

Color: Polished Chrome

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6903-95-80CP Overview

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1.The basin faucet has lovely shape and delicate appearance, which embellishes the environment.
2.Porcelain handles made by high pressure molding is against UV and color fading.
3.Aerator with removable flow restrictor (2.2 GPM max.), end-user can remove it for larger water flow if necessary.
4.Swiveling spout has passed up to 50,000 turns test. Swiveling angle can be adjusted by user.
5.The available distance between two centers of wall water-outlet is from 122mm to 178mm.
6.Ceramic cartridge with MARUWA ceramic disc / (Japan).
7.Brass with Chrome plated finish meets ASTM-SC2 standard.
8.Casting material meets ISO CuZn40Pb Standard.
9.Spout material meets JIS C2700 Standard.

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