Rim-Mounted Bath/Shower Mixer W/ Hand Shower & Hose & Wall Bracket

STORY Rim-Mounted Bath Mixer reserves the figure of the primary type, but integrates the contemporary with fashionable elements by rounded body plus chubby and cloud-like handle, which is definitely capable of drawing all the attention no matter where it is. 

Color: Polished Chrome

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6903-U0-81CP Overview

6903-U0-81CP Specification

6903-U0-81CP Installation

1.Ceramic cartridge with MARUWA ceramic disc / (Japan).
2.Porcelain handles made by high pressure molding is against UV and color fading.
3.2 Centers distance: 7".
4.Elastic shower hose can be extended from 1.5 m to 2 ms and bear 15Kg/cm2 water pressure.
5.Users could adjust the angle of the holder to meet personal requirement.
6.The spray head cover of hand shower can be removed easily by tool provided for cleaning.
7.Brass with Chrome plated finish meets ASTM-SC2 standard.
8.Casting material meets ISO CuZn40Pb Standard.

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